Production stages of our beer

First step

Selection of raw materials. We use high quality raw materials from domestic and foreign suppliers, as well as ingredients of our own production. When choosing components, we abstract from brands and prices, focusing only on the quality of products.

Second step

Creation of a recipe in our experimental brewery. Then the samples go to the blind tasting of our team members. We choose the best version, fix the flaws and cook a trial batch again, taking into account all the changes.

Third step

At the main production, we carry out cooking, taking into account all the scales and features of the equipment. Each batch brewed is tasted again and, after expert approval, the drinks are sent to the final consumer.

Fourth step

Creation of label design. It runs parallel to product development. We have been working on the idea and concept for a long time so that the external component fully reflects the character and characteristics of the drink.

Fifth step

Sales and Feedback. Our task is not just to sell a batch, but to convey the ideology of this product to our consumer.
After the implementation of the product, the team collects feedback from all partners and contractors. We take into account all wishes and ideas, analyze the information and try to improve the taste of our product every day.